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What is Warehouse Steel Structure

A steel structure warehouse comprises of steel columns, beam, truss, secondary structure support and other elements that are made of steels. All can be bolted together on construction site.
Except for steel parts, there are also roof and wall claddings, window and doors, crane and skylight, etc.
Time factor is the biggest advantage of a steel structure warehouse building.
The other advantage is that being lightweight, high strength and rigidity.
Wide application: production workshop, warehouse steel structure, office steel structure building, sports hall, hangar, logistics warehouse construction, agriculture steel buildings for chicken, pigs and ducks.
Steel structure is not only suitable for single-floor and large-span buildings, but also for building multi-storey or high-rise buildings construction.
Strong earthquake resistance, steel structure building has a strong earthquake resistance and resistance to horizontal load.
Green materials in steel structure warehouse building can be 100% recycled, they are good for environmental protection.

Types of Warehouse Steel Structure

Prefabricated steel structure becomes an integral part of the design and construction in building construction.
There are 4 popular steel frame structures that be used in steel structure buildings: portal frame, frame construction, truss structure and grid structure.

Portal Frame

Portal frame, or clear span, is often made from build-up H section steel and hot rolled steel, it can be constructed quickly because of their simplistic design. Portal frames have high resilience against lateral and vertical actions by using rigid moment-resisting connections.
In other words, aircraft hangar, low-rise or single-floor structure with wide span for prefabricated warehouse steel structure, barns, shed and other applications where large and open spaces are required at low cost.

Frame Construction

This framework consists of steel beams and columns that are versatile and can form spaces of near-infinite sizes and layouts. 
These are most commonly used in buildings with many similar units like light-weight steel structure building for office, apartment buildings, high-rises, etc. because of their adaptability.

Truss Structure

A truss structure is beams that have a hinge at either end and can be grouped into either plane or space trusses.
Plane trusses form a two-dimensional framework and experience loads and reactions at the joints on the plane of the structure.Space trusses, on the other hand, form a three-dimensional framework and can support loads on multiple planes.
The advantage of truss structures is because the framework is made up of an upper and lower chord with webbing in between, it weighs far less and uses less steel than standard web beams.
They are commonly used in gym, bridges, towers and roofs with large spans.

Grid Structure

Steel grid structures are exactly what the name implies — rods connected to form a grid pattern that distributes stress across the structure. Similar to trusses, the grid framework can be a two-dimensional plane or it can form a three-dimensional shape such as a reticulated shell.

Grid structures are also lightweight and still maintain high rigidity. In addition, grid frameworks also have excellent seismic resistance and are therefore useful for gymnasiums, exhibition halls, theaters and more.

Details of Warehouse Steel Structure Building

Depending on the structural type to be created prefabricated steel structure, followings are the major components: Main steel framing, Secondary structure, Roof Sheeting and Wall Cladding,Foundation and Floor systems, Other accessories such as sliding doors, roll up doors, windows, louvers, crane, etc
Item Basic information for warehouse steel structure building

 Warehouse Base

 Concrete and steel foundation bolts

Column and beam

 Q355B steel, build-up section steels with bolts connections


 X and V bracing made from angle steels, round steel pipes


 C and Z type

 Roof and Wall Materials

 Steel sandwich panel (core insulation options

 EPS, PU, PIR, Glasswool, Rockwool), Corrugated steel sheet



 High strength bolt, galvanization bolt, self-tapping screw, nuts


 Skylight belts, roof ventilator, down pipe, crane

 Surface Treatment on steel components

 Shot blasting, painting or hot dip galvanization


 Free consult, design, production, installation and after-service



Steel Structure Building For Warehouse




Q235, Q355



Lead time

30-45days after shop drawing confirmation







Building Size

Width * Length * Eave Height


Main components


Concrete plus anchor bolts


Main Frame

Steel column and beam: welded H section steels, hot rolled steels Painting & Galvanization


Secondary Structure

Bracing, knee bracing, purlins, roof and wall support, steel pipe



Galvanized bolt, High-strength bolt, Self-tapping screw


Roof & Wall

PU sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, Fiberglass sandwich panel, Corrugated steel sheet



Sliding door, Roller door, Sectional door, Steel door



Aluminum alloy window, PVC window



Skylight panel, ventilators, down pipe, gutter, flashing


Surface treatment options

Alkyd painting (grey, white, blue, brown, engineering yellow)  Epoxy painting



1. Steel workshop, warehouse steel structure, steel structure factory, logistics warehouse, hangar, cold storage warehouse


2. High rise steel building solution


3. Agriculture steel building for animal husbandry, slaughter, feed mill


4. Commercial steel building for gym, arena


Package & Delivery

Steel pallet in 40GP, 40HC, 40OT

Advantages of Warehouse Steel Structure
What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying a Steel Warehouse
  • Application
    When deciding to buy a steel structure building for warehouse, you need to consider how it will be used as it will affect the structure design. For example, this steel warehouse will be required enough opening space for storage and movement of forklift and materials. For instance, if there are staff working inside of this steel structure warehouse. Depending on the warehouse application, we will consider other factors likes insulation, fireproof, temperature control.
  • Size & Location
    Tell us warehouse length, width and height, how many floors.
    Except for basic information, technical data is key point that will affect the price, technical data includes wind load, snow load, earthquake, mezzanine load if have. Our design team will assist you through the full process of confirming the right warehouse size matching your requirements.
  • Construction Permit Requirements
    Before starting construction, you need to check with your local permit official and get the specific requirements for buildings, then have your permit official review the building design and construction to ensure that your warehouse building will comply with all local regulations.
  • Customization
    You will have many options for warehouse materials, including mezzanine, office, crane, gutter, smoke extraction, roof lighting, brick wall, etc. Exterior cladding like single steel sheet, steel sandwich panel, curtain walls, steel structure frame can be designed to support any exterior claddings. You can mix and match masonry, stone and brick to create the exterior warehouse building look you prefer.
  • Choose the right manufacture is important
    It is important to do some research and ask the right questions. It is ideal to buy directly from the steel structure manufacturer rather than a trader when buying your steel warehouse building.
    Choose an established manufacturer that has been in business for a long time in this field. The longer the manufacturer has been in business, the more likely they are to deliver on their commitment. Also you can see if they have completed similar projects.
  • Budget
    Many factors affect the final cost of warehouse steel structure, like size, location, load and application. Buying the cheapest one make sense indeed, but that's not always the best choice. A complete and detailed offer should be guaranteed that everything you need is included. And you make sure the price you're quoted factors in the load.
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Why choose Xinguangzheng Steel Structure

24+ year experience in steel structure field
Founded in 1997 and listed in 2015 specializing in the design, production and construction of steel structure for agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential applications.
Qualified design team with 6 years' working experience at least can be matched most common needs, from covering a large area for production workshop and warehouse, to small detached structures.
6 major productions workshops, CE certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001
Quality management system is certified ISO 9001. Top quality materials used ensure excellent resistance over time, appreciated long-term.
Material ready in 4-6 weeks from your order
One of the major advantages is reduced manufacturing time, materials being ready for shipping within 4-6 weeks from your order confirmation.
1.5 Hours from our factory to Qingdao Port, deliveries all over the world
Complete documentation for installation, shipping
Supply the relevant installation manual and most documents likes architectural drawings, container loading list, certificates of origin, packing lists, etc.
Customization on request
If you can not find the solution that best suits your needs, our engineers will design a tailor-made one for you.
Professional installation team will go to construction site to assist the warehouse construction if requested.
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