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    Yes, insulation can provide steel structure building with a variety of benefits, improving its longevity and producing a more comfortable interior. Although not every steel structure will require insulation, insulated steel structure buildings are a valuable asset for long time view.

  • Can steel structure only be used for large building construction?

    Steel structure can be used for any building structure from residential, industrial to commercial, from small to large-scale. Steel makes the ideal for all building projects. It can meet almost any project’s requirements, specifications and timeline.
    Founded in 1997 specializing in the design, production and construction of steel structure for agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential applications. 24+ year experience in steel structure field, Xinguangzheng is deeply looking forward to cooperating with clients worldwide.

  • How much price of warehouse steel structure?

    Warehouse steel structure costs are depending on some factors, like: warehouse location, size, design load the materials used and interior facilities including mezzanine, office, overheaded crane, fire proof coatings, etc.

    Generally speaking the per square meter price range of warehouse steel is about $35-$225. By taking into consideration hard costs, soft costs, and financing costs, it’s possible to create a realistic budget for a warehouse steel structure project.

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  • Is steel the best option for warehouse steel structure?

    Steel building designs are quite flexible and offer endless customization options.

    Flexible in combination with other materials.

    Fast on-site build for prefabricated buildings.

    Is reusable and endlessly recyclable.

    Faster lead and build times.

    Warehouse steel structure offers a cost-effective edge both today and in the long term.

    Advanced weather, rusting and fire protection.

    Complete customization potential.

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  • If I install steel structure building by myself, what tools will I need?

    Except for the normal tools like transit instrument, electric saw, electric screw/bolt driver, spanner, hammer, electric grinder, etc, you would likely find in warehouse, you need industrial lifting equipment to lift columns and beams. And you also need to find track loader, forklift, loader, welding machine......

  • Can I fabricate steel structure building by myself?

    Yes, you can. You can fabricated steel structure building yourself.

    When you order a steel structure building for workshop production, warehouse, hangar, shed, prefabricated house, you need to organize and prepare the installation team in advance.

    Installation by yourself does not mean you could not get help when you need it. On the contrary, we supply a step-by-step guide installation together with you. Our design engineer and construction crew on standby who will help you solve any challenges that arise during the construction process.

    Thousands of our customers erect their steel buildings, and they have experienced substantial savings as a result.

  • Will you answer my questions?

    The most important part of any steel building project is getting the building erected, so you will likely have questions during this time.

    You should be able to ask any and all questions that may arise and have the confidence that they will be answered.

    Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure is proud to offer high-quality, prefabricated steel  structure buildings for our clients.

    We will help you customize your facility to suit your exact needs and can supply and install your steel building.

    When you work with us, you have a full-service construction and building systems team that includes design, engineering, project management, installation, erection, and completion for your next steel buildings project.

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  • Who builds my steel building?

    A quality steel building is delivered pre-fabricated in factory, so you don't have to do any on-site modifications.

    Your steel building will also come with a set of installation instructions and drawings designed to be easily read.

    But if you have a major construction project, you can choose your own contractor or manufacturer to complete your project.

  • What's included in the price?

    Steel building supplier should make sure you understand what you're paying for when you purchase your steel building.

    Find a steel structure building supplier willing to provide a fully itemized quote that will break down the cost of each item and option.

    See if they provide a manufacturer and model number for the accessories, so you understand exactly what you are purchasing.

    Every steel building company will give you a price, but you need to be sure it's actually a good number.

    You should expect your manufacturer to provide you enough time to go to market, secure a project, get the contract signed, and receive a commitment from them that locks in the price so you're not hit with price increases down the road.

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  • Will I have the support of your staff?

    Designing, purchasing and erecting steel buildings can be complex, especially if you are left to do it alone.
    Building owners need to work with suppliers with a dedicated staff that can support them every step of the way during the steel building process.
    Make sure you will be provided with the materials you'll need for a successful building project.
    Those materials could include drawings, delivery schedule, and bill of materials for your steel building structure.
    We will coordinate shipping, materials delivery, fabrication on site and till the after-service.

    No matter the building is large or small, your project matters to us. You can count on us for ongoing professional, friendly and personal support.

  • Are their limitations with the steel building system?

    An experienced and professional steel structure building supplier may suggest modifications to improve your design or lower your construction costs, so you should still keep an open mind.
    Ask what their limitations are.
    Do you need to know if the dimensions of your proposed structure fit within the parameters possible for this building system? 
    This is really important if you need to build a large structure or a structure with a clear span.
    A reliable steel building manufacturer should design and engineer your structure specific to your preferences.
    They should know your local building codes and be able to pull necessary building permits.
    There are 700 employees working at Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd now, including National registered engineers (10 people), Senior engineer (40 people), engineers (70 people), Registered architect (9 people) to provide best and most economical solutions in a timely and professional manner for our customers.

  • How long have you been in Steel Structure Business?

    The longer they've been in business, the more experience they have, and the more likely they can make exact design, deliver your building on time and to your specifications and requirements.
    Consider asking the supplier if they've ever constructed a steel structure building like you need and ask for references.
    If they have a physical address, give them a visit.
    It's important to get a quality steel structure building you're happy with, so make sure the steel structure supplier you work with has enough experience to complete your project.
    Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd, was founded in 1997 and listed in New OTC Market in 2015. It has become a high-tech, diversified, outward-oriented and international private enterprise focusing on "steel structure whole house system" and "animal husbandry whole house system" integrating with research & development, design, production and construction service after 25 years steady development.
    Built on over 25 years of steel structure experience, our products had been exported to more than 130 countries & regions around the world.


    When you want to start a new steel structure building construction project, it is important that you find a right supplier for your building.


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    Will I Have The Support Of Your Staff?

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    Who Builds My Steel Building?

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