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Steel Construction Cleaning

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Steel construction is a structure composed of steel and is one of the main types of building structures. So how does steel construction clean up? Let's take a look at it together.

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  • Process

  • Main ingredients


During the cleaning process of the steel construction, the electronically controlled speed-regulating conveyor roller transports the light steel structure building or steel to the ejection area of the cleaning machine room, and the surrounding surface is hit and rubbed by powerful and dense projectiles from different coordinates. The oxidation film, rust layer, and dirt on the surface fall off quickly, and the surface of the light steel structure building obtains a smooth surface with a certain degree of roughness. Workpieces are loaded and unloaded on the inlet and outlet rollers on both sides of the cleanroom. The projectiles and rust dust falling on the steel construction are blown away by the blowing device, and the scattered pellet dust mixture is conveyed to the chamber funnel by the recovery screw, and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyors are collected in the lower part of the elevator and then lifted to the upper part of the machine. In the container, the separated pure pellets fall into the separator hopper for blasting recovery. The dust generated by steel construction shot blasting is sent to the dust removal system through the exhaust pipe, and the purified clean air is discharged into the atmosphere, and the granular dust is collected and collected.

Main ingredients

1. Cleanroom

Steel construction the cleaning chamber is a large-capacity plate box-shaped welded structure. The inner wall of the cleanroom cavity is lined with a wear-resistant protective plate. The clean steel construction operation is carried out in a closed room.

2. Conveying roller

It is divided into an indoor conveying roller table and a loading and unloading section conveying roller table. Steel construction indoor roller track sheath, high chromium wear-resistant sheath, and limit ring. Steel structure high chromium wear-resistant sheath is used to protect the roller table and withstand the impact of projectiles. The limit ring can make the workpiece run at a predetermined position to prevent deviation and cause accidents.

3. Hoist

Mainly composed of upper and lower transmission, cylinder, belt, hopper, etc. Prefabricated steel structure the upper and lower pulleys of the same diameter of the hoist are welded into a polygonal structure, with reinforcing ribs, discs, and hubs to enhance friction, avoid slippage and extend the life of the belt. Prefabricated steel structure the cover plate of the middle shell of the hoist can be repaired and replaced with the hopper and the lap belt. Open the cover on the lower shell of the steel structure hoist to eliminate the blockage of the bottom projectile. Adjust the bolts on both sides of the upper shell of the hoist to drive the pull plate to move up and down to maintain the tightness of the hoisting belt. Steel construction upper and lower wheels adopt square outer spherical ball bearings, which can be adjusted automatically when subjected to vibration and impact, and have good sealing performance.

4. Separator

The steel construction screw conveyor is mainly composed of a geared motor, a screw shaft, and a screw shell. The square outer spherical ball bearing is adopted, which can automatically adjust when subjected to vibration and impact, and has good sealing performance.

5. Pill delivery pipeline

The blasting pipeline has dual blasting control functions. Each gate is equipped with a gate to cut off the projectiles from the separator to facilitate the maintenance of their respective blasting devices. The size of the opening of the gate can adjust the flow of the projectile, or it can be adjusted according to the size of the steel structure gate. Any combination of cleaning workpiece specifications and the number of opening and closing gates can save energy, reduce wear on steel construction machines, and ensure that production needs are met.

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