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The Connection Method and Characteristic of Steel Structure Building

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Steel building kits on a component combination. The role of the connection is the combination of steel or steel into the member through a certain means, or several components combined into the overall structure. 

Welded steel structure of the connection method, rivet connections and bolted there. Regardless of which method of connection, you must comply with the safe and reliable, the force transfer is clear and simple structure, convenient manufacture, reduce the principle of cost saving material.
In addition to the above-mentioned commonly used to connect the Steel Structure Building , often self-tapping screws and stud welding connection. Self-tapping screw , nail and high-strength bolts are mainly used for the sheet between the connections stud welding for the connection between the steel column & beam.
    A welded connection
    Welding is the heat generated by the arc, the welding wire and member partially melted by cooling to condense into the weld, thereby integrally connected welding. Economic use of materials, the structure is simple, convenient manufacturing connection stiffness, good sealing performance, automated operation, high production efficiency.
    Bolted connection
    Bolt connection can be divided into ordinary bolt connection and high-strength bolts connection. The bolted advantage; construction process is simple and convenient, especially for steel building kits on site installation and connection.


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