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Steel Building For Aircraft Hangar With Hangar Door

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Low Maintenance, Expandable Aircraft Hangars

When building an aircraft hangar or aviation facility out of steel, you have the added benefits of high ceilings, unlimited expansion length, low maintenance requirements, and fast construction times. This allows you to get your building completed quickly.

We design aircraft hangars to be able to meet building codes strictly and industry requirements.

We also offer a variety of door options so you can choose the most effective type for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are the Most Popular Hangar Sizes & Designs?

The two most common designs are the arch shape and the rectangular shape (traditional straight wall) that provides more space allowance. The perfect aircraft hangar depends on your unique needs, including how many planes you need to park. Common aircraft hangar sizes for the corporate, commercial and personal airplane models include:

  • 30×40       40×60

  • 80×100     100×125

  • Larger if required

Q2. What Type of Aircraft Can You Put in A Steel Aviation Building?

We can provide you with an aircraft hangar that meets just about every aviation industry need. You can put many types of aircraft, including:

  • Helicopters small and large private jets

  • Commercial aircraft military use

  • Gliders

  • Aircraft equipment and maintenance

Q3. What Other Considerations Are There When Building an Airplane Hangar?

There are many benefits to building a steel aircraft hangar. However, you also need to consider the following:

Aircraft Hangar Ventilation

Installing large industrial fans can help improve air circulation and ventilation.

Aircraft Hangar Lighting

Although there are many lighting options, installing skylights in your aircraft hangar can help you use natural light and lower your electricity bill.

Aircraft Hangar Flooring

When looking into flooring options for your aircraft hangar, look at their chemical resistance, light reflectivity, abrasion resistance, tensile and bond strength, electrostatic dissipation, ease of cleaning and maintenance, moisture and slip resistance and more. This will ensure that the flooring can hold up to your needs and not harm the aircraft.

Aircraft Hangar Doors

Your choice of doors should withstand high wind loads, and be reliable in operation.

Q4. What Is the Best Type of Hangar Doors?

There are many different types of hangar doors including: Folding Doors, Vertical Lift Doors, Sliding Doors

For more information about steel structure buildings and accessories, or to discuss your needs, contact the team at https://www.sinosteelstructure.com/contactus.html


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