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Prefabricated Steel Structure Indoor Horse Riding Arena

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The indoor horse riding arena is one of the most essential parts of an equestrian facility. It is where the horses are trained and raised for the most part.

One of the goals with prefabricated steel structure indoor riding area design would be the ability to maintain a constant climate all year round, while at the same time ensuring that it is energy efficient. That's where prefabricated metal riding arenas structure rank amongst your best options. These prefabricated arenas are fire and weather resistant.

Much More Durable and Cost-Effective Metal indoor arenas for horses Compared to Wood

When deciding between our prefabricated steel structure arenas and wood, you should consider durability and cost. Metal arenas are a lot more durable compared to wooden options.

Metal is Safer and More Durable Than Wood

Regardless of the riding arena size, you will always want to ensure the safety of everyone within the structure. If you wish to add another sheltered riding space for commercial use or perhaps a private space, a prefabricated steel structure is your best bet.

Most people love steel structures because in addition to being durable, looking good and attractive they are easier to maintain. Steel and metal, in general, are a lot more durable than wood, so it lasts longer with very little maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Our metal prefabricated indoor riding arena designs are environmentally friendly and expandable. Meanwhile, you will save up to 40% on insurance and building costs which puts them ahead of wood in every meaningful way.

Key Standard Features
Popular Additions
Primary and Secondary Frame Light Transmitting Panels
Roof and Wall Sheeting Insulation
Sealants and Flashing Gutters and Downspouts
Fasteners Roller up Door/Personal Access Door
Trim Package Sliding Window
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indoor horse riding arena


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