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Chicken Poultry Slaughterhouse Processing Plant

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Broiler chickens (the type raised for meat) generally take up after reaching market weight. Chickens are transferred into modular bins and transported to the processing plant.

How chickens are slaughtered and processed for meat, let' s see the following steps:

  • Step 1: Arrival at the Processing Plant

  • Step 2: Stunning

    Once birds arrive at the processing plant, there is one primary method of stunning broilers prior to slaughter called “electrical stunning.”

  • Step 3: Slaughter

    Technology makes slaughter extremely quick to minimize discomfort.

  • Step 4: “Evisceration”

      After slaughter, birds enter a process where their feathers are removed. This begins by putting the chickens through hot water, feather removal is performed by a machine called a picker that rotate around to remove the feathers.

    After feathers are removed, the birds are sent to an “eviscerating” line which removes internal organs and feet, also known as “paws.”

    Every single part of the chicken is used —for example, chicken feet are considered a delicacy in Asian countries.

  • Step 5: Cleaning and Chilling

    After the organs are removed, the carcasses are then cleaned before being inspected.

    Chilling the birds to a lower temperature to keep fresh and clean

  • Step 6: Second Processing

    After properly tested and chilled, the carcass is typically cut and deboned to accommodate a variety of different products. Depending on the processing plant, this includes convenience products we commonly seen such as drumsticks, thighs, leg quarters, wings, breasts and more.

  • Step 7: Package

    Once chicken is cut up into parts, it is packed and wrapped.

  • Step 8: Shipping

    Finally, the chicken is on its way to your local market.

slaughter house for chicken

slaughterhouse equipment



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