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Buy A Sandwich Panel

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A sandwich panel is made of three layers of composing steel sheets with foaming and curing polymer in the middle, they are adhered together to form one panel.

Sandwich panel is referred to as a sandwich because of the configuration of the panels. The panels have three components: the two outward-facing layers and a thick core; the two outside panels act as the "bread" of the sandwich and the core is the "meat".

  • What is the application of sandwich panel?

  • How many types of sandwich panel?

  • What are the sandwich panel features?

What is the application of sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel is widely used in construction industry from roof panel, partition wall to the walls that make up a building itself for industrial warehouse, storage, gym, supermarket, cold storage, logistics warehouse structure, modular house, office, hospital, schools and agriculture buildings etc.

How many types of sandwich panel?

Sandwich panels include EPS sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, Polyurethane (PU) sandwich panel, Fiberglass sandwich panel, Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR) etc.

What are the sandwich panel features?

Sandwich panel has the features of beautiful shape, colorful gorgeousness and good effect. It can bear loading, keep warm, fireproof and be waterproof. It has the characters of secondary decoration, convenient installation, removable and reusable materials.

                                                                                                                                                               Get a Sandwich Panel Quote!

Why Sandwich Panels?

We talked about components of sandwich panels and some of the characteristics that make them different, but why should you choose sandwich panels? What's the benefit of using it?

The biggest benefit that sandwich panel provides for you is the cost savings of a mass-production product that is still able to remain highly flexible.

Besides the cost savings passed along to you, sandwich panels are incredibly easy and quick to install at the construction site. The panels are pre-cut and labeled to easily match up with the project's CAD drawing which is provided with each new project. This means our sandwich panels can be erected on-site with no additional fabrication needed on site.

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