Chicken Livestock Farm (Philippines)

Name of Building: Chicken Livestock Farm

House Area: 1968 sqm

Quantity: 1 unit already start to raise chickens; the 2nd house for broiler birds is under construction

Construction Site: the Philippines

Project Details:                 

1. Size: 123*16*2.5m

2. Steel Column, Beam: I beams with hot dip galvanization

3. Purlin: Galvanization Purlins

4. Secondary Support: Galvanization, e.g. Tie Bracing, Bracing Bars, Angle Steels, all these will improve the stability and durability of the whole structural building.

5. Roof Cladding: Color-coated Steel Sheet+ Fiberglass rolls as insulation+ Inner Steel Sheet

6. Wall Materials: Steel Sheet+ Fiberglass rolls+ Steel Sheet

7. Equipments Lists: Main Feed System, Feeding Line, Nipple Drinking Line, Ventilation, Environmental Control, Heating System and lighting.

8. Service: Design, Manufacture and Installation on site.

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