Honda Logistics warehouse (Uruguay)

Name of Building: Steel Structure Logistics Warehouse for Honda

Structure System: Portal Frame

Area: 974

Project Details:

1. Warehouse Size: 45.28m*21.52m*8m

2. Main Steel Frame: H columns and beams with white painting

3. Secondary Structure: Z purlins with galvanized surface treatment

4. Support Structural Part: Tie Bracing, Bracing Bars, Angle Steels, all these will improve the stability and durability of the whole structural building.

5. Roof Components: Corrugated steel sheet+ Fiber glass wool insulation

6. Wall Materials: Corrugated steel sheet+ Fiber glass wool insulation

7. Glass Curtain wall + Steel door

8. Door: E-roller Door

9. Roof Ventilator: Steel stainless

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