Steel Structure workshop (Qingdao, China)

Name of Building: Steel Structure Workshop

Structure System: Light Steel Structure

Area: 16742㎡

Construction Site: China

Project Details:

1. Main workshop: 209.8m*79.8m*8m (Length* Width* Eave Height);

2. Primary Steel Structure: Welded H section steel with primer and facing anti-rusting painting, which will be bolted together at site.

3. Secondary Framing: Galvanized Z Purlin, Tie Bar, Roof and Wall Support are formed as secondary frameing.

4. Bracing: Round steel is supplied with knee bracing and other supporting parts, which will improve the stability and durability of the whole structural building.

5. Roof Cladding: 0.6mm Steel Sheet+Glasswool Blanket with Aluminium-foil paper+Wire mesh

6. Wall Cladding: 0.5mm Corrugated Steel Sheet in White

7. Lighting System: Skylight Panel

8. Window: Aluminium alloy Window+ Tinted Glass

9. Door: Rolling Shutters with steel canopy

10. Brick Wall: 1.2m high

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