Prefabricated Admin Office Building (Papua New Guinea)

Name of Building: Prefabricated Steel Admin Office  Building

Structure System: Portal Frame

Area: 793

Construction Site: Nipa District,Papua New Guinea

Project Details:

1. Admin Office Size: 22m*15m*5.8m

2. Roof Truss & Steel Column: 60*2, 50*2, 100*4, 200*100

3. Mezzanine System: Hot rolled steel beam+steel deck

4. Roof Cladding: 0.5mm corrugated steel sheet+50mm EPS sandwich panel as ceiling

5. Wall Cladding: 75mm EPS Sandwich Panel

6. Window: Aluminum-alloy sliding window with security mesh

7. Door: Steel entry door and Compound wooden door

8. Floor: Ceramic tiles, Laminated wooden floor

9. Electricity and Plumbing:Australiastandard wire and water pipe

10. Toilet and washing basin with Water Mark, shower cabinet, kitchen cabinet, urinals.

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