Light Structure Prefabricated House

Name of Building: Prefab House

Structure System: Light Steel Structure

Area: 57.5sqm

Project Details:

1.   House is included 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and 1 living room

2.   Steel Framework: Light steel roof truss with painting

3.   Roof Cladding: Single steel sheet+insulation materials

4.   Wall Cladding (included Partition Wall): EPS Cement Board+Putty+Painting

5.   Interior Ceiling: Gypsum board

6.   EPS Cement Board Thickness: 60mm-180mm

7.  Window: Aluminium-alloy Sliding Window

8.  Door: Steel Wooden Door

9.  Flooring: Ceramic Tiles

10. Other Opion: Kitchen cabinet, washing basin, shower, toilet, Electricity, Water-drainage, etc

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