Enterprise Culture

Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd

l         Enterprise Prospect: To be a benchmark for the modern enterprise management in the world; to be top steel structure enterprise in the world

l         Enterprise Mission: benefit society, make staff successful, and give clients happiness, thus being an enterprise of lasting vitality.

l         Standard of Value: To benefit the society, clients, enterprise, staff and partners

l         Goal of Management: To establish a family-like professional and pioneering enterprise working in the discipline of military troops and in the order of school

l         Enterprise Principle: To perfect itself and create wealth by taking social development as its responsibility; the enterprise, a platform; and its team, the core of development

l         Enterprise Spirit: Passion; practicality; thankfulness; and transcendence

l         Enterprise Philosophy: Customers first

l         Working Ethic: To be careful, fast and loyal to promises

l         Behavioral Principle: To accomplish work on time and in full without any excuse

l         Enterprise Psychology

3 “Nevers”: never use negative words; never treat things in a negative way; never talk about negative person.

3 “Replacements”: the replacement of negative thinking with positive expectation; the replacement of negative attitudes with positive attitudes; the replacement of negative feelings with positive feelings

l         Enterprise Value

Value on Human Resources: Choose grass roots workers with ability; choose middle-level leaders with moral virtues; choose high-level leaders with vision and mind; choose leaders with both ability and moral virtues based on their achievements

Value on Moral ethics: Great achievements lies in the loyalty and carefulness while the small ones, intelligence

Value on Leadership: Leaders need great communication ability, the capability of making decision in a fast and rational way, and a broad mind.

Value on Loyalty: Do thing in a trustworthy way to earn the other’s trust.

Value on Talents: Talents are those who can accomplish whatever its supervisors order.

Value on Innovation: Content brings happiness, but innovation brings more content.

Value on Practice: Be down-to-earth to achieve high.

Value on Growth: Growth is achieved in appreciation; maturity, in criticism; success, in self-discipline.

l         Ten Team Qualities

An Efficient Team efficient in decision-making and execution

A Learning-Oriented Team regarding learning in a constant and all-round way with effective conclusions

A Cooperative Team good at fitting in among and having faith in one another, and paying attention to the larger picture.

A Self-disciplinary Team being trustworthy and sensible and adhering to the regulations

A Loyal Team which is loyal to the enterprise, the team itself and the clients.

A Versatile Team with great expertise and professionalism, thus being flexible in any business environment

A Hardworking Team with clear direction, distinguished advantages and down-to-earth working attitude

l         Ten Staff Virtues

Independent thinking

Great dreams

Strong working abilities

High moral standards

Broad mind

Great passion

Strong loyalty

Strong sense of responsibility


Loving heart

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