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What is logistics hub?

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With the growing of import and export capacity, companies need to expand their warehouses to be more competitive in the world market.

Some investors build large industrial parks to straighten their logistics system. The logistics hubs look like enormous size warehouses that can process huge demand on cargo transports.

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  • What is logistics hub

  • Differences between warehouse and logistics hub

What is logistics hub?

A logistics hub is a huge city of warehouses, where owners can perform the full range of operations to process freights. The trend to construct huge logistics complexes is popular worldwide.

A logistics hub is an entire city with its working space, transport maintenance depots, custom clearance, packing departments, parking, office space, etc. The infrastructure of the parks depends on business requirements.

Differences between warehouse and logistics hub

A warehouse and logistics hub has the same functions. However, in terms of supply chain management, they are completely different. The main differences are:

  • Size: Logistics hubs are significantly larger than warehouses.

  • Range of operations: In warehouses, workers load and unload, accept, store, pick, and pack goods. The list of operations a logistics hub can do is extended. For example, customs clearance and transportation services are available here.

  • Location: Warehouses can be located anywhere. The location depends on a company’s business goals. For example, a warehouse can be located near production facilities or an end-user. Location is the main feature of a regional logistics hub. Large complexes are located near air and seaports.

So, a logistics hub isn't just a warehouse. It's an enormous city that is designated for the needs of companies and effective supply chain management.

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