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We Do Feed Mill Right

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What is Feed Milling?

Feed milling is the process of grinding and processing feed ingredients into a form that is suitable for animal consumption. The feed milling process can be divided into five main stages: raw material handling, grinding, mixing, pelleting and cooling. Feed milling is a critical step in the production of animal feed, as it creates a uniform mixture that is easy for animals to digest.

How to Set Up a Feed mill?

If you are thinking about starting a feed mill, there are a few things you need to know. A feed mill is a factory that produces animal feed, usually from corn, wheat, and soybeans. It’s important to have a good understanding of the process and the equipment required to get started. The steps involved in setting up a commercial feed mill are:

Step 1: Draft a feed milling business plan

Having a business plan is extremely important before even starting your feed mill business. If you are considering building a feed mill, you need to first draft a business plan. This is good practice as it will help you organize your thoughts, set goals and plan how you will achieve them.

Step 2: Choose a location

The location you choose to site your feed mill, if you are building the feed mill for your farm, it is very easy.

When choosing a commercial feed mill, some of the things to look out for when looking for a suitable location for your commercial feed mill include:

Good and accessible roads, except you want to construct the road yourself.

Proximity to areas with livestock farms available (poultry farms mostly preferred) or an industrial layout as specified by the government

Avoid flood areas or places with a poor water drainage system

Secured location with a good security system in place

Please take note that it may be better to build your feed mill near the farmers rather than setting up in town and having to transport the feed all over.

Step 3: Acquire the land

Step 4: Get the required approval and licenses to operate a feed mill

In your country, there are likely to be quite a few regulations to follow before you can build a feed mill or start feed milling operations. One of the most important rules is to get approval from the relevant authorities and government ministries or departments. You will usually be required to have certain documents before your feed mill can be approved to operate.

Step 5: Draw the feed mill architectural plans and have them approved

After you get approval from the relevant authorities, you can start drawing the architectural plans for your feed mill.

Even before your feed mill is built, a professional must be involved in drawing up the architectural plans. The plans will include the building of the feed mill, the machinery and equipment that will be installed, and the layout of the rooms and shops.

The following must be on the plan of a commercial feed mill:

Administrative offices

Milling machine areas

Different stores for macro-ingredients and micro-ingredients


Changing room

Security booth

Vehicle parking lot

Bathroom and toilet

Step 6: Hire a professional for constructing your feed mill

The building of the feed mill can be carried out by any qualified professional or a reputable construction company. They will work with you to ensure that the design, the layout and the materials used are exactly as you have specified. They will also be able to give you suggestions if you have not specified something.

Step 7: Purchase the machinery and equipment for the feed mill

Your feed mill will require some equipment. You will need to purchase the machinery and equipment that will be used to manufacture the feed. You must purchase only the best quality equipment and machinery.

The machinery is the lifeblood of the feed mill and you will need to purchase quality machinery that will be able to withstand the various loads that will be put on them.

Step 8: Install the machinery and equipment in the feed mill

Step 9: Hire feed mill workers and other personnel

Step 10: Purchase the supplies and raw materials required for feed production

When the building is ready and the machinery installed, you should go ahead with buying all the necessary feed ingredients and store them in the warehouse.

Step 11: Start feed production

After setting up everything including the purchase of the raw materials, you will need to start manufacturing the feeds.

Step 12: Start marketing the products

Step 13: Improve on the feed products

You will have to continuously look for ways to improve your product. At the same time, you will have to find ways to improve the production process and reduce production costs.

Feed Milling Machinery and Equipment

The following are the major machines and equipment in a feed mill.

Grinder, crusher or hammer mill



Heat extractors

Dust collectors


Weighing scales



Wheel barow



Power generator

Sack sealing machine

Fire extinguishers

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