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Pictures tell you what light-weight steel structure components are

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General diagram:

portal frame sketch

Mechanical principles:

Portal frame combines by column and beam and forms lateral framework as main force structure, as well as roof and wall support to enhance the longitudinal stability.

1. Steel Frame: Adopt H section steels to make column and beam, all loads are transferred to basis through steel columns and beams.

1-1. General Form

a. Typical Gabled Frame

steel frame

b. Gabled Frame with over-headed crane

gable structure

c. Mezzanine system in gabled frame


1-2. Details

a. Column foot details

column foot

b. Beam, column details

column foot

2. Support & Tie Bar: Support is divided into rigid support and flexible support and laid on roof and wall.

2-1. Rigid supports are made by hot rolled section steel (e.g. angle steel);

2-2. Flexible supports are made by round steels;

2-3. Tie Bar (steel pipe) plus support form closed system.


3. Roof Purlin, Wall Purlin/Beam: C or Z section steels, which will bear the force coming from roof and wall cladding and transfer the force to column and beam.


4. Knee Bracing: Made by angle steel or flat steel.

5. Crane Beam: Bears the crane load, it is made by steel plate

6. Canopy: Made by single steel sheet or steel sandwich panel


7. Roof & Wall Cladding: Color-coated steel sheet; Steel Sandwich Panel (EPS, Rockwool, Glasswool, PU, PIR); Steel Sheet+Fiber glasswool

8. Skylight Panel

9. Steel Decking Floor Sheet

10. Gutter: 3 options—Made by color-coated steel sheet, steel stainless sheet and galvanized steel plate

11. Roof Ventilator

12. Door: Sliding Door, Swing Door, Roller Door, SectionDoor, Steel Door

13. Window: Plastic Steel Window, Aluminum alloy Window

14. Crane

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