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How to maintain warehouse steel structure?

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Because of economic and technological superiority, low carbon emission reduction, circular economy and industrialization development, warehouse steel structure industry can better adapt to and meet the current needs of national economic construction. Warehouse steel structure will also become one of the emerging industries with a broad market, numerous enterprises, and continuous innovations.

  • What is the performance of warehouse steel structure?

  • How to maintain warehouse steel structure?

  • How to protect the coating of warehouse steel structure?

What is the performance of warehouse steel structure?

Warehouse steel structure has light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity, and strong deformation ability. It can resist 70 meters per second hurricane.

The warehouse steel structure is composed of cold-formed thin-wall steel member system. The steel is made of super anti corrosive and high-strength cold rolled galvanized sheet, which can effectively avoid the influence of corrosion of steel plate to increase the service life.

Warehouse steel structure uses glass fiber cotton as the thermal insulation material, which has good thermal insulation. The thermal insulation board used for the external wall can effectively avoid the phenomenon of "cold bridge" of the wall.

How to maintain warehouse steel structure?

If the warehouse steel structure is exposed to air or humidity for a long time without any protection of the surface, it will produce corrosion, deformation or stress failure, resulting in premature failure. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the warehouse steel structure regularly if the steel structure is to work normally and have the expected service life.

General warehouse steel structure has service life of 50 years. There is small damage in the use of excessive load probability. Most of the damage of warehouse steel structures is caused by the reduction of mechanical and physical properties of structures due to corrosion. There are certain requirements for the corrosion protection of warehouse steel structures that have been used for more than 25 years. Generally, it needs every 3 years for a maintenance, including cleaning dust, rust and other dirt and then brush the paint. The breed and specification of paint should be same as original coating, otherwise it can bring greater harm.

How to protect the coating of warehouse steel structure?

For maintenance personnel, the daily maintenance of warehouse steel structure should first be the maintenance of the surface coating of components. The maintenance of coating directly affects the service life of warehouse steel structure.

The surface of the warehouse steel structure must be kept clean and dry. The places where it is easy to accumulate dust should be cleaned regularly, such as steel column feet and joint plates.

Check the integrity of the warehouse steel structure protective coating regularly to maintain in time if it is found that 90% of the coating surface loses luster; the coating surface rough, weathered, dry crack area reaches 25%; the coating film protrudes and the component has slight corrosion area of 40%.

The warehouse steel structure affected by high temperature should be equipped with protective plates to protect the coating from damage.

Avoid contact between components and erosive substances that have been exposed should be cleaned in time.

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