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5 suggestions on ventilation of steel structure workshop

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Roof ventilator and monitor is population solution in steel structure workshop building.

Generally speaking, roof ventilator and monitor are enough for common workshop without high power heating equipment, crowded people and dust.

For those workshops which will be treated as hardware, plastic, cast and forge, clothing, electric welding usage, natural ventilation will be not a big and effective way to draw out harmful gas shortly and quickly. The best solution on such kind of steel workshop is to install ventilator with large volumes of air.

We have 24 years' experience in steel structure construction, you can take following suggestions into considerations before starting to make steel structure workshop.

1. Consider to install ventilation fan

2. If there will have office inside of steel workshop, it is better to put this office in the gable wall sides. Even you must put office in the length direction, it doesn't matter. One important point, the office height will not be too high so that we can guarantee there are top windows on outer office walls.

3. Square and round type ventilators with rainproof shutter are better choices. They are easy to make installation on top roof.

4. Keep the ventilation fan space on the roof and wall.

5. Roof ventilator, windows on wall, wall fans, if you mix them together, you can get better ventilation effect for your workshop.

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